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HTML Class

Lesson 1
Basic Tags

This class will introduce the most fundamental HTML codes and basic HTML structure. The students will write a simple HTML document, and debug documents using these codes.

Also, students will set up a Blogger blog

Lesson 2
Bullets, Images and Links
This class will introduce unordered, ordered, and definition lists. Attributes in HTML. Different types of ordered lists. 4 possible image formats. Images: Absolute URLs vs. Relative URLs. Image size attributes. Links.
Lesson 3: Review
Bullets, Images and Links
  • EXERCISE : Add three links to your webpage
  • EXERCISE : Create a new folder on the desktop, and a second HTML document. Use a relative URL to create a link to the 2nd document from your first page.
  • EXERCISE : Save an image to the new folder, and use a relative URL to display that image in your HTML document
Lesson 4
Web hosting, FTP,
Tables, GUI HTML editors and HTML code validation..
This lesson gives an overview of Domain Names, Web hosting, FTP,
Tables in HTML, GUI HTML editors (like Nvu) and HTML code validation.
HTML Resources Tutorials, reference sites and very cool pages
Class Blog
This is the blog I created to demonstrate Blogging and image posting.
Webliography A Furl Citation list of sources I looked at when preparing for this class
Installation Files Here are links to installation files on the CD.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign