My Code

Here you can find a list of my current projects/and or code hosted on GitHub

I also have a few projects you can find on

  • Api
    A simple wrapper/builder using Guzzle for base API clients.
  • Bench
    Micro PHP benchmark library
  • Clock
    Yet another clock abstraction, implementing PSR-20.
  • Dpm
  • Ericsizemore
    A personal repository.
  • Evenement
    Événement is a very simple event dispatching library for PHP.
  • Librariesio
    LibrariesIO - A simple API wrapper/client for the API.
  • Mimey
    PHP package for converting file extensions to MIME types and vice versa.
  • Numverify Api Client Php
    Numverify phone number validation and country API client library for PHP.
  • Pagination
    Simple pagination library for PHP implements a paging interface on collections of things.
    Website of the project
  • Phpunit Coverage Check
    Check the code coverage using the clover report of PHPUnit.
  • Phpunit Coverage Check Action
    Run PHPUnit Coverage Check (which checks the code coverage using the clover report of PHPUnit), as a GitHub action.
  • Simple Contact Form
    A rather simple PHP contact form script that can be integrated into an existing site/design, or be used standalone.
  • Simple Counter
    A simple PHP counter that counts your website visitors.
  • Simple Tpl
    This class implements a simple template engine that works by replacing text.
  • Startbootstrap Sb Admin
    A free, open source, Bootstrap admin theme created by Start Bootstrap
  • Utility
    Collection of various PHP utility functions.
  • Wildcard
    A simple wildcard matcher.